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Nov 10, 2009 5:00pm EST
to religion victim. -- lisa nowak apologized to her allegedly it down. -- her alleged victim. >> i believe she came here to murder me and i believe she never thought she would get caught. >> nowak pled the guilty to felony burglary of a car and misdemeanor battery >> i do you plead? >> guilty. >> she had originally been charged with two felonies, attempted kidnapping and burglary, which could have led to life in prison. she is accused of attacking a woman in a bizarre love triangle. shipman scribe hal nowak hunted her down and attacked her. --shipman described how nowak hunted her down and attacked her. nowak allegedly stalked her to a parking lot and then pepper sprayed her. the judge sentenced nowak to one-year probation and ordered her to have no contact with shipman or offlinoffelieine. >> she also must complete an eight-hour and your management class and pay restitution and court costs and write a sincere letter of apology to shipman. >> it is a late season tropical system. ida hit the shore this afternoon and could be in our region for the next days to come. you can see this area of low
Nov 23, 2009 5:00pm EST
here in maryland. lisa robinson is in the studio with that story. >> the task force is a government appointed, but independent panel of doctors and scientists and it is not -- does not set federal policy. he is worried about how insurance groups might use that the recommendations. >> women need and deserve the most accurate medical advice about detecting their health. >> no one knows that better than 51-year-old pamela smith. she was diagnosed with cancer at 47. she has been cancer-free for four years. >> it saved my life, a routine mammogram, which i started at the age of 40. do not listen to this task force. >> congressman elijah cummings talked to experts. bankers from and to get annual mammograms despite the finding last week by the task force. it issued recommendations sangamon not at risk for breast cancer need not schedule their first mammogram until they turn 50. >> for the average woman out there, we still strongly recommend that you have a screening mammogram every year beginning at age 40. >> congressman cummings says he is doing what he can to make sure that the task for
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2